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When you have received your Tax Returns, you don't need to spend time looking for accounting frim, leave it to PBC. Our one-stop services can help you fill in the Tax Return, accounting and auditing easily
We provide an extensive range of Tax Compliance services, including but not limit to the services of preparing and submitting the documents listed as below:
  • Tax computation
  • Profits Tax Returns
  • Employers' Returns (including Form 56A, 56B, 56E and 56F)
  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Property Tax Returns
  • Applying for Extension
  • Objection to assessments
  • Holdover of Provision Tax
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  • Accounting
    All Hong Kong companies should keep a proper business record and prepare the annual financial statements for statutory audit.
  • Auditing
    Pursuant to Hong Kong Company Ordinance, every limited company incorporated in Hong Kong should perform statutory audit annually.
  • De-registration
    To stop running a company. Proper procedures must be taken and the Company Registry must be notified to avoid unnecssary problem. PBC helps you settle everything and let you focus on the your new business.